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We took AI out of the lab so you can be your best.

All your data channels in one place

Connect all your data channels (HRIS, Resume, ATS, SN, etc.) and avoid all that constant switching between them. Access your internal and external data from one place

All resume formats supported

Structure and normalize your data in one unique view. We support resumes in all format (.pdf, .docx, image, web, etc.) and multiple languages.

All predictions and recommandations in context

Millions of worlwide profiles analyzed to help you evaluate candidates, whoever they are, whatever they are (international, uncommon, high potential, etc.)

Fill quickly your open positions through sharp predictions

Choose the right premade job title that fits your needs, and identify in a second the best candidates to meet. Our AI analyzes your employees' data in order to fit your expectations and corporate culture. It gets smarter with every interaction, incorporating the recruiter's actions and the job market trends.

Prepare for tomorrow's jobs through relevant recommendations

Anticipate future needs and get recommendations of hidden talents currently in your pool. We base our analysis on the best HR practices and the job market of your own industry.

ranking recommandation table

All decisions justified and explained in context

Get deep analytics and insights about every recommendation so that you make your decision. Understand what makes the predictive models arrive at a conclusion for one given resume sample, based on the candidate's career path ( transitions, experiences, education, skills etc.) and external facts (location, industry, job market, best practices).

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