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Parse, Enrich and Score candidate data.
Connect your apps and automate workflows.
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Increase and diversify your talent pool
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Capture profiles from every candidate touch point
Reveal hidden gems within your talent pool
Send shortlists to relevant workflows
Collect profiles from
every platform and load it
easily into Riminder.
Send your profiles to
hundreds of tools
for analytics, marketing
and data warehousing.
AI does the busy work so you can focus on the human elements
For talent sourcing teams
Augment your sourcing capability
For HR specialists & managers
Build meaningful paths for employees
For employer branding teams
Build a candidate-friendly brand
For HR directors
Overcome recruitment biases
For talent acquisition teams
Scale your recruiting process
For job fairs teams
Focus on candidates not paperwork
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Integrate Riminder in less than 2 minutes start benefiting from our technology.
                  $ npm install --save riminder;
                  import Riminder from "riminder";
                  const app = new Riminder("api_key");
                  app.profile.add({source_id, file});              
                  $ gem install Riminder
                  require 'riminder'
                  client ='api_key')
                  client.profile.add data
                  $ composer require riminder/riminder-php-api
                  require __DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php';
                  $client = new Riminder('api_key');
                  $ pip install riminder

                  import riminder
                  client = riminder.Riminder("api_key")
                  $ go get -u

                  import ""
                  client := riminder.New("api_key")

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